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In July 2013, the State distributed a Social Media Policy for employees of the State of Kansas. Some important points about the policy follow.


Forced overtime reaches breaking point

Forced overtime at state facilities has reached a breaking point.  KOSE is currently engaged in meet and confer with the Topeka Correctional Facility over their changes to the mandatory overtime policy.  KOSE has requested meet and confer at Larned State Hospital as well.  Their  Human Resource Department is analyzing forced overtime patterns before the first meeting with the union.  Additionally, KOSE and management of the Elsworth Correctional Facility will meet in the first week of October to discuss implementation of 12 hour shifts.

If you are interested in participating on the meet and confer teams, or in receiving alerts about the progress of the meet and confer sessions, contact Rebecca Proctor at

In May 2013, AFT members from across the nation converged on Kansas in solidarity with its working families.  More than 30 AFT brothers and sisters from Wisconsin, Alaska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, and North Dakota came out to Topeka to work with KOSE  organizing and mobilizing our fellow state employees.  This was a training opportunity -- each of the participants was trained in the AFT Organizing Model -- and an opportunity to learn from Kansas and Kansas State Employees. 


This year's KOSE Convention, Moving Forward, will begin with a reception on Friday October 25th and conclude at close of business on October 26th. The convention call was sent out to members on September 4th. All members of KOSE are encouraged to join our democratic process! The reception on Friday evening from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm is a great opportunity to meet and greet other KOSE activists and members. On Saturday, the work of the union will begin. Nominations for this year's officers must be received by 2:00 pm on October 26-- voting will take place by mail directly following the convention. We will have sessions on Workplace Bullying, legislative priorities and grievance handling. Registration materials can be found here. To register, please fill out the registration form and return it  to the union office.  If you need more information about the convention – which will be held at the Ramada Inn, 420 SE 6th Ave, Topeka -  please call the KOSE Office at 754-354-1174 or email us at .