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2013 Topeka Mobilization Events

In May 2013, AFT members from across the nation converged on Kansas in solidarity with its working families.  More than 30 AFT brothers and sisters from Wisconsin, Alaska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, and North Dakota came out to Topeka to work with KOSE  organizing and mobilizing our fellow state employees.  This was a training opportunity -- each of the participants was trained in the AFT Organizing Model -- and an opportunity to learn from Kansas and Kansas State Employees. 

KOSE Surveys on Workplace Bullying

Reports of workplace bullying, defined as unreasonable behavior by a person (or group of people) that intimidates, degrades, offends, threatens, or humiliates a worker (or group of workers), have increased over the past year.  Collectively, we have a responsibility to make sure that all state employees work in an atmosphere free of bullying.  Please help us take a first step by completing the electronic survey linked here.  If you are interested in hard copies of the survey to use at your facility, please contact us at