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KDADS to transfer some Larned, Osawatomie legal staff to central office

KHI NEWS SERVICE KDADS to transfer some Larned, Osawatomie legal staff to central office Agency says move to Topeka will improve efficiency, but some in legal community have concerns By Megan Hart | May 10, 2016 PRINT 20 15 0 The head of the legal department at Larned State Hospital will be transferred to Topeka later this month, a move that has some western Kansas attorneys concerned the distance could throw a wrench in the process of committing people who need mental health treatment.

Due Process Threats Impact All Public Employees

Last year during the 2013 Legislative Session, the Kansas Legislature introduced a bill that would have completely eliminated the Civil Service system for state employees.  Without Civil Service protections, state employees could be fired for political reasons…or for no reason at all.  KOSE successfully fought against this change, but the threat has not gone away. 

KOSE Mobilizes!!!

On March 8th dozens of members of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) from around the country arrived in Wichita.  Attendees from as far away as Alaska and Connecticut came to help strengthen and energize KOSE and its members through a training and mobilization program AFT conducts annually.

Want a raise???

Although KOSE bargains for pay raises, those pay raises have to be placed in the budget and approved by the legislature before they can take effect.  Last year for the first time, the Kansas Legislature aproved a two-year budget.  That budget did not include raises for state employees.

The 2014 legislative session begins on Monday, January 13.  Contact your legislators and tell them that pay increases for state employees should be a priority!

National Day of Action - Cold Weather Clothing Drive

KOSE members in Wichita participated in the National Day of Action on December 9th.  For the Day of Action, KOSE is held a Cold Weather Clothing Drive, collecting donations of hats, mittens/gloves, scarves and socks, which were presented to for Interfaith Ministries.  KOSE members believe that good jobs and strong communities are essential for working families.  Our participation in the National Day of Action demonstrated belief.  

State Social Media Policy

In July 2013, the State distributed a Social Media Policy for employees of the State of Kansas. Some important points about the policy follow.