Loren Kriegel Vice President Bio

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Vice President:   Loren Kriegel

Contact: loren.kriegel@koseunion.org

About our Vice President:  Hello, I am Loren Kriegel; I have worked for KDOC for twenty-two years. I was the youngest of five children. Our parents taught us the meanings of hard work, personal responsibility, and service from a young age. Our Dad retired from both the US Air Force and Postal Service. Mom did just about everything over the years, taxi diver, school bus, KDOR (retired); she even made baseballs.

            Growing up, I decided to join the Boy Scouts. In Boy Scouts, I learned leadership skills, teamwork, setting goals, and the sky’s the limit. Setting the sky as the limit, I obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. 

            I met the challenges that life threw at me and became who I am today. 

    I started working for the State of Kansas in January of 2000. During my career with KDOC, I was promoted to Corrections Officer II and have worked at both Topeka and Lansing Correctional Facilities. KOSE was formed in 2008, and I have been a steward for most of the time since then. I represented Unit 6 and the KOSE Board for four years. I am the Chief Steward at the Topeka Correctional Facility, and I am honored to be your KOSE Vice President. 

    I am looking forward to building OUR KOSE union stronger and will keep fighting for the State of Kansas employees. The stronger OUR KOSE union is, the more the legislators will have to pay attention to the State of Kansas employees.

            Together, we will make Kansas a better place to work and live.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at loren.kriegel@koseunion.org.


 In Solidarity

Loren Kriegel