TCF Overtime Proposal and Survey

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TCF Officers,

Earlier this week, a group of your fellow officers from all shifts met with KOSE representatives to discuss the overtime policy at TCF and what needed to be changed. TCF KOSE members gathered comments from the officer emails we received and brought them to the meetings for discussion.  We are doing our best to accommodate a wide variety of member perspectives as we proceed. 

Click Here to find the latest working version of the overtime proposal.  Please take a few minutes to review it and think about how it could affect you and your fellow officers.

In order to represent you, we want to know what you think. To make it easier for you to share those thoughts we have setup an online survey here. This survey will be completely private.   No names will be required, though you may share your information if you so choose.

The survey will be open from Friday, June 27 – Friday July, 4th

After the survey time period has ended, we will set-up two meetings at the training center during shift changes so all shifts may attend.  At these meetings we will go over the results of the survey and have a more personal atmosphere for you to give feedback. These meetings will largely determine the positions your representatives will take in the meet and confer sessions between KOSE members and management.

This overtime change will affect every security staff member so your feedback is critical.  As fellow officers and KOSE members, we look forward to working with you to make KOSE, our union, a strong and respectable organization that works with management to solve problems, develop solutions, and represent the best interest of all employees working at TCF.


Sgt D. Vennell
6-2 CU Visiting/Relief     M/T
Topeka Correctional Facility